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Welcome on my website !

My name is Mario Michiels from Putte (in Belgium), 36 years old and I'm collector of footballtickets / seasontickets / matchdayprogrammes.


On this website I'll try to let U walk trough my collection with the help of pictures.


I'm collecting following categories:

* Tickets Club Brugge K.V. in European cups

* Tickets Club Brugge K.V. in Belgian Cup

* Seasontickets of Club Brugge K.V.

* Tickets Brugse Metten

* Tickets Belgian cupfinals

* Tickets Belgian supercups

* Tickets European finals

* Tickets European supercups

* Tickets World Cups (WK)

* Tickets European Championships (EK)

* Tickets FIFA Club World Cup (Toyota Cup)

* Tickets FIFA Confederations Cup

* Matchdayprogrammes Club Brugge K.V. in European cups

* Matchdayprogrammes Brugse Metten


Do U have tickets, seasontickets or matchdayprogrammes U want to help me with for my collection?

Or U know someone who can help me?

Please let me know!

All tickets, seasontickets and matchdayprogrammes are welcome!

Doubles can be used to exchange with other collectors.


I have many double tickets, seasontickets and matchdayprogrammes.

Want to exchange? Just let me know.


All contactdeatails can be find on the contact-page by clicking on next button:

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U can go straight to my Facebook- and Instagrampage by clicking on the right logo.